Dredge or Reanimator?



Out of curiosity, which deck do you guys prefer? I’m partial to Reanimator myself. 

I mean for Legacy purposes and such of course. 

Reanimator. Dredge always seems like a deck that’s reward isn’t worth the work you put into it. The deck is good, but because it’s so hard to play properly, especially games 2-3, it’s just never seemed worth it to me.

They’ve both got the ups and downs.  Dredge is more resilient to graveyard hate than Reanimator, particularly pin-point hate.  Dredge is much cheaper to build than Reanimator.  Dredge’s biggest strength probably lies in the fact that it’s not really playing Magic.  I can’t think of another deck where you can cast 1-2 spells and still easily win.  You don’t really care about normal notions of card advantage, and you’re pretty resilient to counterspells.  Reanimator on the other hand, you’ve got counters to interact with your opponent, a flexible game plan in what to tutor and reanimate, and an alt-win in the form of Show and Tell.  

And, as a disclaimer, I do play Dredge, so I’m not fully impartial.  But I’d love to finish putting together Reanimator and play that sometime too.  


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    Yeah hopefully you do, reanimator is a lot of fun. And even though it’s more susceptible to GY hate you have counters,...
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    They’ve both got the ups and downs. Dredge is more resilient to graveyard hate than Reanimator, particularly pin-point...
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